Where Words Fail, Music Speaks in Worship

Posted on: June 10th, 2019

Something that can express your heart’s intent way better than words…

When we may be unable to find the right words to describe our sincerest gratitude to God, music can express our feelings in worship way better than words.

With his original self-penned track titled “You Are Wonderful”, second weekly winner for the month of June France Loren Bigcas penned his worship anthem while his heart is at loss for words, letting the notes express the unsayable feelings in worship.

“Sometimes when we praise God, we ran out of words. That’s because God’s power and glory is beyond any description. However, though we are not able to describe the holiness of God, there is one thing we are sure of, there is a powerful God who created everything, who knows everything, and has the full authority over all things. And this God, is indeed a wonderful God,” he said.

Interpreted by Passage Band vocalist Mark Laygo, the song renders praise and worship to the most loving and eternally-giving God for all his wondrous works in our lives.

The song bested the songs of Leonardo Calma’s “Ikaw ang Lahat” (You Are Wonderful) sung by Laarni Lozada and Dexter Sam Cabilatazan’s ‘Minsa’y Nakakalimot’ (Once I’ve Forgotten) interpreted by Mavi Lozano.

With a heart desiring to inspire people, he passionately joined the songwriting competition rather than just composing songs for his own consumption.

Through his love for music, he said he felt blessed to have a worship song written all for the glory of God, the Maestro of Music.

“It is a great honor to dedicate praises to our God who created all things. God deserves all of our songs of praise to Him,” he said.

Music can be a part of worship and when words fail, it speaks for the things that cannot be held in silence.

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