Top 5 reasons why you don’t want to miss ASOP 6 grand finale

Posted on: October 27th, 2017

The wait is over.
A Song of Praise Music Festival is set to unveil a spectacular revelry of gospel music. It’s an evening of inspiring hymns, soulful exaltations — all for the glory of God.

Since its inception in 2011, ASOP continues to inspire people from different walks of life to offer songs of praises to God.

In its sixth year, 12 new songs of praise will vie for “Song of the Year” award. This November 13, the program will hold its grand finals at the SMART-Araneta Coliseum.
Here are five of the best reasons why you can’t miss this gospel fest:

1. The music
From upbeat power anthems to heartfelt ballads, and everything that falls in between, the list of the best gospel songs this year is guaranteed to conclude the exciting season on a grand note.

2. Stories
Born of inspiring amateur and professional songwriters, all-original compositions have their own stories to tell.
Featuring stories of faith, enlightenment, spiritual renewal and of God’s unconditional love, the program has witnessed the birth of many worship anthems.
With their inspirational song lines and poetic lyrics, this year’s cream of the crop will surely leave an emotional impact on listeners’ faith.

3. Performers
They gave justice to the song.
With their signature power vocals and palpable emotional connection to the song, ASOP interpreters have stunned audiences with their performances in weekly eliminations and monthly finals.
This year, interpreters Gail Blanco, Jay-R, Brenan Espartinez, Sam Mangubat, Liezel Garcia, Zsaris, Apple Delleva, Kris Angelica, Dan Billano, JV Decena, RJ Buena, JR Siaboc will render stirring renditions for the twelve powerhouse songs of praise.
Also, there will be guest performers who will be sharing their talents at the grand finale.

4. Prizes
Last year’s 19-year old grand champion Noemi Ocio, took home the Php 500,000 cash prize.
Every year’s festival, over a million in cash prizes are at stake.
While we may applaud the winners of the competition, the meaningful moments and experiences shared by ASOP participants make everyone a winner. After all, ASOP is about winning life’s battles through praise and worship.

5. Musical Advice
The program’s resident critic “Doc” Mon Del Rosario and other guest judges who are veterans in the music industry have passionately shared the secrets in writing the best songs.
A songwriting school-on-air and sanctuary of OPM, the program has always become an inspiring institution that fuels up many songwriters’ musical passions.

ASOP, an avenue for both aspiring talents and a part of many artists musical journey, continues to inspire people to offer songs of praise— all for the glory of God, the giver of talents and the reason of our praise and worship.

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