Online Seller Got the Nod as December’s First Weekly Winner for ASOP Year 8

Posted on: December 19th, 2018

Maddonna O. Rosas’ song first ever ASOP entry entitled “Alay Ko,” will have a chance to win the second grand finals slot for ASOP Year 8, after it won the first weekly finals for the month of December. The easy-listening ballad dominated the weekly finals with a score of 92.33%.

Rendered by pop singer and actor Brenan Espartinez, this uplifting song highlights the message that God can turn things around for us, and that if we put our trust in Him, everything will just be fine.

“Despite the problems and challenges we encounter in our lives, if we have God, our weaknesses become our strengths; our sadness turns into joy. If we have God in our lives, hope, faith, and love will reign in our hearts,” shared Rosas in an interview with UNTV News and Rescue.

Aside from being a budding composer, Rosas is also an entrepreneur whose musical background came from her father’s side of the family. The 33-year-old songwriter shared that her personal experiences served as her inspiration in writing this song of praise. Rosas said that writing praise songs is a way of thanking and praising God and sending the message that whatever trials or challenges may come, we must keep believing in God and His will.

Other song entries which competed with Rosas’s composition are composed by equally talented songwriters – Dyo Chua with his song “In Your Silence”, and Joan Da for her piece entitled “Ayoko Na”.

Watch Maddonna O. Rosas’ winning praise song entry here:

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