Novelty Song “O Hesus” wins ASOP’s July 3rd weekly elimination

Posted on: July 19th, 2017

Written by Filipino voice impersonator Vergel Soliman, the cheerful track entitled “O Hesus” is the weekly winner of A Song of Praise Music (ASOP) Festival for July’s third weekly elimination.

With its fun and lively beat, the song has a solemn message of hope and reflection on the emptiness of life without God.

Performed by versatile singer Cello Nuñez, she shared how the song lifted her angry mood after listening to a demo sent to her.

The judges were delighted by the composer’s chosen genre and noted how the song makes one want to get up and dance.

Soliman said he has also written a number of compositions for other musical genres and thanked ASOP for providing an avenue for amateur composers like him to showcase their talent.

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