“Dreams do come true with God’s help” — ASOP weekly winner

Posted on: February 6th, 2018

“Dreams do come true with God’s help.”

This had been weekly winner Winston Jay Ladera’s take on A Song of Praise Music Festival February first weekly elimination. Interpreter Wishcovery Wishful Harvey Magos, for his part, delivered a soulful rendition of the uplifting track.

The winning song, “I Can Be”, performed by Magos, bested Shaun Billones’s worship anthem “Huwag Kang Susuko” interpreted by Diana Tabitha Caro and Garry Rada’s praise song “Gaano Kalapit Ang Dios” sang by Mic Llave.

Ladera’s self-penned song is an inspiring gospel track with meaningful lyrics set to a resonating melody. The one-decade-old song was written by the composer for his classmates to inspire them to pursue their college dreams while in the midst of academic challenges.

The song, like an open letter to those who feel like giving up, strikes a chord in one’s heart to keep on enduring life’s challenges with God’s help as the chorus goes: “Just say, I believe I can achieve/ And reach the place I want to be/ Where I can sing a better song/ Where I can live a better world / I can walk, I can run/ And reach the place that’s meant for me… With God my source of strength/ Yes, I can be.”

The musical journey continues for the composer as he is set to be back for the monthly finals.

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