I Will Still Praise You

For all of God’s love and kindness, “one thing should stay the same in this world of change — to call upon and praise Your holy name.” Originally interpreted by Dalyn Concepcion, I Will Still Praise You is ASOP’s first Monthly Finalist.

Composer: Rigor Jay Arellano

  • From Apalit, Pampanga
  • 28 years old
  • Freelance writer

Interpreter: Gretchen Espina

  • First Pinoy Idol winner (2006)
  • Her debut album, “Shining through,” was released on August 4, 2009 by Sony Music Philippines
  • Daughter of Congressman Rogelio J. Espina



Now, I feel all this hurt and sadness
Now, I bear all this pain and madness
In this world, I know, laughter ends in sorrow
And today might be not the same tomorrow

But since I hear Your Holy Words they give me
The strength I need to run this race before me
With You at my sight, I set my sins aside
With Your help I might reach that lasting prize

So in this world of change one thing should stay the same —
To call upon and praise Your holy name

So I’ll thank You now for all Your love and kindness
Yes, I’ll praise You now for all this hurt and sadness
For nothing bad will come, I know, to those who love You so
And in the end I hope this too I’ll do — I will still praise Yo

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I Will Still Praise You

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