Praise Songwriting: A Soul-stirring Musical Journey

Posted on: May 20th, 2019

Comprising the Producer’s Pick Episode setlist this month, these inspiring hymns have once again stirred us back to the heart of praise and worship.

With his signature deep lyrical prowess, OPM singer-songwriter Carlo David meditated on his faith, sharing another worship anthem titled “Sa Libo-libong Tala” (Thousands of Stars).

“I guess the Lord gives you second chances and it comes at the most unexpected moments,” he said after the song secured a spot at the Producer’s Pick episode.

Through its poetic lyrics, the gospel song hails Almighty for being One in thousands of stars, declaring God’s incomparable heavenly majesty.

Singer-songwriter Rhap Salazar delivered a moving rendition of the song with his powerful vocals.

Hailed as ASOP Year 6 Grand Champion, Carlo always kept his feet on the ground, focusing on humility and the beginner’s mind as he embarks on his soul-stirring musical journey of writing praise songs.

Reflecting upon the truths and mystery of his faith, aspiring songwriter Gerald Ilagan penned his original gospel song titled “Ako’y Tinawag Mo” (You Called Me), a gospel song about God’s calling of people as a sign of His unconditional love.

Plethora’s vocalist LJ Herrera rendered an alt-rock performance of the gospel song.

When asked for the reasons for joining ASOP, Gerald said: “The driving force that motivated me to join ASOP again. Firstly, to give glory to God, because that is really my purpose of joining — to rejoice and give glory to God by composing songs for Him.”

Through the struggles of his mental health, 26-year-old aspiring songwriter Sonny Boy Dinglasan has found his way back into his soul with his original gospel composition “Hesus, Ikaw ang Nais Ko” (You are the One I Desire).

The song dedicates praise and worship to Christ Jesus for His sacrifices with a promise of keeping the faith.

Wishcovery Season 1 Grand Champion Princess Sevillena stunned with her performance of the song, nailing the high notes of the song.

As a passionate songwriter, Sonny Boy believes that writing praise songs knows no age.

“At first, I think I am too old to get back to music but there are no age limits in composing music. It is in the heart and the connection to the Lord,” he said.

Also, he firmly believes that when you are going through trials, God is greater than all of our miseries.

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