ASOP songwriter: ‘To write worship songs is the ultimate role of a songwriter’

Posted on: October 16th, 2018


Interpreter Willy Cordovales (L) and aspiring songwriter Jose Noel Mapue (R) at ASOP October second weekly elimination

For A Song of Praise Music Festival’s October second weekly winner Jose Noel Mapue, the ultimate role of a songwriter is to write songs of praises to the Almighty.

“It feels better to write a song for God. That’s the ultimate thing that a songwriter can do,” he said in an interview.

Interpreted by former Pilipinas Got Talent contender Willy Cordovales, the winning worship hymn entitled “Salamat Sa Iyo Ama” expresses praise and thanksgiving to God for all His loving-kindness amid all of life’s chaos.

After becoming the weekend pick, the aspiring songwriter has expressed gratitude to God for earning a spot to the last monthly finals of the songwriting tilt for its seventh year.

“Thanks be to God. Thanks be to the Father is all I can say. This is from Him — all the blessings, the talent, everything that is in here is from Him, so thank you very much.

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